About Us

We’re fascinated by the expanding link between nutrition and health. Achieving optimum health isn’t always easy or obvious, which is why the team at Purpose Nutrition has worked to strike an ideal balance of ingredients, information, and access on your behalf. We obsess over the science of nutrition and remove the guesswork that often shrouds health and wellness, bringing you the most innovative and proven nutritional and health-promoting technologies available today.

We start with ingredients that research confirms offer the most significant promise to improve your health. We work with the industry’s leading minds and teams of researchers to test, dose, formulate and deliver these ingredients to you—first. We ensure every product is as pure as possible, using the exact ingredient and dosage at which it was tested. We use the exact right stuff, at the exact levels that match the clinical research, in the most absorbable form and often in advanced delivery systems that provide the maximum nutritional benefit.

It’s simple, and the way we’ve done business for over 20 years—always with your health first in mind.

We are a nutrition brand-building firm focused on commercializing innovative, IP-protected nutritional and health-promoting technologies. We act as co-development partner with large consumer products and nutrition companies to rapidly commercialize nutrition innovations, represents academic institutions and individual inventors to find new commercial applications for their inventions, and develops its own brands for commercial launch in the commercial market. The professionals of Purpose Nutrition have been responsible for launching new nutraceuticals products with current annual retail sales for over $1.1 billion.