Fitology™ UpShake™


Fitology™ is a system for lifelong fitness.

Fitology starts with a simple aspiration: Empowering ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. With an expert-developed exercise, eating, and lifestyle program, content that inspires action, connectivity to the informatics that make progress personal, and compelling success stories, Fitology™ makes fitness simple.

Fitology™ UpShake™ is the most important fuel of the day. UpShake is a healthy and great-tasting treat, with super clean plant-based proteins, solvent-free organic herbal and superfood extracts, a superfruit and veggie blend providing the antioxidant equivalent of 3 servings of fruits and vegetables, and all-natural Fiber Trio™ for enhanced satiety and digestion.

Fitology UpShake – ShakeBerry™

21 Grams Protein
Free from all 8 Major Allergens
Phytonutrients from Superfruits

Net Wt 345g